Overview of the Slot Game’s Creator, “Prism of Gems” Play’n GO’s Prism of Gems is just another installment in the company’s rapidly growing collection of games themed on valuable stones.

Prism of Gems follows in the tradition of similar games by using symbol splits to enlarge the playing field and activate multipliers that increase a player’s chance of winning. Prism of Gems is Play’n GO’s effort to outdo its predecessors, Frozen Gems and Perfect Gems, by increasing the winning possibilities.

Prism of Gems follows in the footsteps of the aforementioned Gem games, which were pleasant without being visually beautiful. Even though the 5-reel game grid is filled in standard card royals and jewels, the backdrop artwork provides a pleasant ambiance. We could be at a museum, what with the round Greco-Roman pillars and the light-letting iron/glass dome. One of those modest, magnificent buildings that may be found buried in a travel guide and is known only to the locals; not one of the majors like the Louvre or the British Museum. Although it lacks a Rosetta Stone or other truly remarkable artifact, the museum’s collection is nonetheless full with interesting curiosities. In any case, it’s a nice area to visit, and it definitely makes Prism of Gems cozier than Frozen Gems.

You can get back to spinning those precious stones on any device, with stakes ranging from 20 pence to £/€100. With an official rating of 9 out of 10, and an RTP of 96.24% by default, Prism of Gems is a very risky game. Keep in mind the game might potentially launch with a lower value of 94.25% or less, depending on the market.

Every paid spin begins with the reels set at a 3-4-4-4-3 configuration, with the possibility of extending to a maximum of a 3-7-7-7-3 setup via a splitting symbol mechanism. The number of possible victories ranges from 576 at minimum strength to 3087 at maximum. When 3 or more identical symbols appear in neighboring reels beginning on the leftmost reel, a win is triggered in all grid configurations. The icons themselves are broken down into two groups: the lower-paying playing card symbols (10 through 8) and the higher-paying jewels (9 through A). Of the latter group, there are four that provide payouts of between 1.4 and 3 times the initial wager for a combination of five gems. When you add in the possible combinations and some hefty multipliers, you can see how rapidly those numbers grow.

Slot Game Features, Prism of Gems

The cascade element, in conjunction with splintering symbols and multipliers, is central to many gem-themed video games. The winning combination is removed from the game grid and replaced by non-winning symbols in a cascade that begins with each victory. Once a winning combination is reached, the cascade stops.

Multipliers range from x1 to x4 and can appear in any position on the top row of reels 2–4, which is known as the multiplier reel. The multiplier grows by one (to a maximum of seven) each time the associated reel cascades. The multiplier, which may reach a maximum of x343, applies to all payouts that involve symbols from the top row. In addition, the multiplier reel above it can divide into two identical reels, each of which can be up to seven spots high. Wilds also divide any symbols underneath them into two, with the exception of scatters. In addition to replacing scatters, wilds may stand in for any other icon.

When 3, 4, or 5 Scatters appear in any row, the player is awarded 10, 15, or 20 free games, respectively. There is no reset between free spins, and all current multipliers from the main game continue to grow during the bonus round. Each scatter wins +2 more spins during the feature.

Crystal Ball: The Slots’ Final Score

Prism of Gems incorporates features from both its predecessors into a more robust slot. All of them up to this point have employed dividing symbols of some kind; Prism of Gems has a more complex multiplier mechanism than Perfect Gems. Some may argue that the creators of that game upped the multiplier after each cascade to capitalize on Bonanza’s popularity. The end product disavows the child-friendly associations with Frozen Gems and further distances itself from Bonanza. Prism of Gems is not a completely self-contained game, but rather a natural progression in the series.

Whatever the case may be, Play’n GO’s gem selection has yet to truly shine. The team has done a good job of disproving the possibility of victory as a justification. Despite losing a reel in comparison to Perfect Gems, the payoff potential in Prism of Gems has grown dramatically, with winnings of up to 30,000 times the wager being attainable. Will it be adequate to make up for the gaps that have been identified elsewhere? Possibly for players whose primary goal is to maximize their bankroll. However, if you maintain tabs on huge wins posted on social media, you’ll quickly realize that it’s exceedingly unusual to score even anything close to PnG’s promised max winnings in most of their slots.

Prism of Gems continues to function normally aside from the much increased maximum win amount. The symbols may be split in half to reveal more of the board, although it’s not as eye-popping as in modern PopWins games. While it’s similar to the other two games in the series, Prism of Gems employs more of nearly every element to increase the scope. The fundamental gameplay is mostly same from before, but Play’n GO has thrown in the literal kitchen sink in the form of vastly greater possibilities.






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