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One prominent strategy used by sports gamblers to boost their potential winnings is the parlay bet. A parlay bet is a single bet that consists of two or more separate bets. For the parlay as a whole to pay off, each individual wager must come out on top. The entire parlay is considered a loser if any individual bet fails. Parlays offer better odds the more teams you include.

Parlay bets are only appropriate for recreational gamblers who bet occasionally. Professional and serious sports gamblers should only use parlays very rarely. The stakes are enormous in a parlay because a single loss might wipe out the entire wager. It is possible to lose a 6-team parlay if your record is 5-1. If these wagers were straight ones, you’d be rather content right about now.


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Betting Lines for a Parlay

Point spread parlays and money line parlays are the two main types of parlay wagers. The odds on a point spread parlay bet are relatively consistent and near to the same at most bookmakers. While there may be some room for differentiation between sportsbooks, in order to remain competitive, most offer essentially the same odds and lines.


Standard Odds for a Parlay Wager Using a Point Spread

2 Teams: 2.6:1

3 Teams: 6:1

4 Teams: 10:1

5 Teams: 20:1

6 Teams: 40:1

7 Teams: 80:1

8 Teams: 100:1

9 Teams: 150:1

10 Teams: 300:1

11 Teams: 450:1

12 Teams: 600:1

13 Teams: 750:1

14 Teams: 900:1

15 Teams: 1500:1

Odds on a Parlay Bet using a Money Line

Betting on a parlay with a money line results in odds that are proportional to the individual bets’ odds. The probability of winning increase if you’ve bet on several underdogs. You can expect better odds if you’ve picked underdogs. When you go to Las Vegas every year, and you want to go all out, money line parlays are the way to go. However, they are too risky to be a reasonable betting strategy for those who take sports betting seriously.


Parlay wagering has many advantages.

Sports bettors can parlay tiny wagers into potentially big payouts. They make it possible for gamblers with a restricted budget to wager on many games at once, rather of sitting about waiting for games to end and their winnings to be tallied. A parlay bet is a strategy to obtain action on numerous games if you don’t have enough money to place straight bets on each game.


Let’s use a 5-game parlay as an illustration of a parlay win. A $100 profit might be obtained by betting on five consecutive games at $22 each ($110 total) and winning all of them. A successful five-team parlay wager of the same $110 would return $2200. Hold on, read on before you go betting.


The Downside of Parlay Wagering

The biggest issue with parlay wagers is that they don’t provide accurate odds. An 8-team parlay, for instance, has true odds of 255:1, but only pays out 100:1. The bettor significantly loses off because to this. When you play Roulette and split your bet between two numbers, you have somewhat inferior odds. The odds are already low without dividing them by four. The same is true for parlay wagers in the world of sports betting.


Imagine it like this. You shouldn’t be gambling if you can’t afford to lose $500 if you wish to bet $100 on each of five games. If you have the whole $500 to wager, make straight bets for the best payoff and the lowest possible danger of ruin.


Advice on Parlay Wagering

The return on investment (ROI) of parlay bets can be improved in a number of subtle ways, but there are a few basics that every bettor should know. Follow these guidelines to increase your chances of winning parlay bets.


Increase Your Bets by Betting on Fewer Teams

The correct usage of parlays is uncommon. It’s better to make a three-team parlay for $30 than to wager $20 on a five-team parlay. With only three victories required instead of five, the odds are lower but the win rate is substantially higher. You can compensate for the worse odds by placing larger bets. You can increase your odds of winning and making some money by doing this.


The more teams you wish to wager on, the more parlays you should make.


Defend Your Investments

With a 4-0 lead going into the fifth game of a five-team parlay, the potential payout is $1,000 for a $50 stake. If you lose the fifth game, you get nothing. A straight wager of $525 on the team that is playing against your parlay pick will ensure a victory. No matter the outcome of the fifth game, you will win at least $425 with this strategy. Expert gamblers don’t typically wager on parlays, but when they do, they use this tactic.


You earn $1,000 if your parlay does. With a $50 stake and a $525 side bet, you stand to win a guaranteed $425.


Even if your parlay wager loses, you stand to gain $427 (11/10 odds) thanks to the side bet of $525.


You may relax with a beer and take in the final game, confident that you’ve already won.


In the Case of a Draw, Parlay Betting Rules

Find out what happens in the event of a tie before placing a parlay bet at a land-based or virtual bookmaker. Some betting sites will drop a parlay by one level if one of the teams in the parlay ends in a tie. If you have a five-team parlay and one of the teams ends in a tie, your parlay will be reduced to a four-team parlay.


In most bookies, a tie is considered a loss. This is terrible news for the bettor, so read the fine print before putting money on the line. This is crucial when placing wagers on sports like soccer and hockey, where draws are common. The rules of a parlay bet are essential knowledge for every serious sports bettor.


Parlay wagering on the NFL and college football

Bettors who wager on NFL and college football frequently use parlays. Football parlays employ the point spread and combine numerous straight bets on a single wager. The goal of any bettor is to choose winning teams against the spread. A parlay bet is considered a loss if any of the participating teams fails to cover the point spread.


We don’t recommend parlay bets for seasoned gamblers, but they can really spice up a football weekend. Before you go all-in on a 10-team parlay, consider how difficult it is to go 3-for-3 in your fantasy league.






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